Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Owls than Ever Before!

The afternoon sun is still very warm in our corner of the world, but in the morning when I stand next to an open window there is this deliciously cool air that reaches in and brushes any exposed skin; it gives me goose bumps. I really love Fall. The layers, all the warm beverages, and the comfort food. And then come the twinkle lights, the early darkness, and then the Christmas music. 

This past week I was excited to fit it some sewing time. The shop is now outfitted with more owls than ever before! Just in time for the cooler weather some of the owls are sporting little crocheted scarves. They look so cozy, don't they?! Available in white/forest, aqua/burgundy, ruby/ivory, and lavender/eggplant.

Owl barrettes have also been restocked. It's always so much fun to decide how I want to embroidered their wings! Right now they are available in lovely Autumnal colors: butterscotch, garnet/gray, and oatmeal.

In addition I decided to add wee owl barrettes to the mix. If the traditional owl barrettes are too large to suit your fancy, then these wee ones are just the thing. For the lover of owls and all things tiny, find them in oatmeal/cinnamon and butterscotch/marigold. I plan to add more color options soon!

So, what do you recognize as the start of Fall? Cooler mornings, turning leaves, or the official first day of Fall?

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Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

These are so cute!! :) I love owls.