Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet My Pencil Sharpener.

I apologize for how quiet the blog has been the last few weeks. We started our homeschool year on August 16th, and much of each day is now consumed with learning about science, grammar, history, math, reading good books, and journaling. By the time all that fun is over, and the not-as-fun housework list has been nicked, I'm pretty pooped. Once we find our groove things will normalize.

This year, mixed in with boxes full of school books, I received another really exciting package in the mail. I had never really thought about buying a decent pencil sharpener until I heard about the Classroom Friendly Sharpener. Electric sharpeners don't appeal to me: they're too loud, tend to be ugly, and have bothersome cords. As much as I like manual sharpeners, I've just stuck with the cheap wee plastic ones. Not any more.

Shipping was quick, and when my sharpener arrived I immediately opened the box and got to work sharpening every pencil I could find. This thing is addictive! There is something very satisfying about cranking the handle and feeling the blades shave the pencil. The graphite of the pencil comes out very, very sharp, sharpened to a long point. At first I was suspicious of it, and thought it was likely to snap with a little pressure. On the contrary, I've discovered that the point is strong, and that the graphite is very secure at the base.

To operate the sharpener, pull out the metal plate and pinch the black tabs together; this will open the clamp to hold the pencil in place. Feed the pencil through the round opening on the font of the metal plate and into the sharpener unit. When the black tabs are released it will hold the pencil firmly in place. Apply pressure on the top of the sharpener, and turn the crank with your other hand. There will be a release of the graphite when the pencil is fully sharpened. It's easy to use, and even my kids think it's great fun! To empty the shavings, simply pop out the clear tray. The pencil shavings are lovely, aren't they?

Standard pencils work best with the sharpener; if you opt to use it with colored pencils be advised that just a few turns of the handle are recommended as opposed to a full sharpening. The unit comes with an optional mount, but I don't find it necessary. Also good to note: since the sharpener stops when a fully sharpened tip is achieved, it will not eat your pencil. If the graphite does happen to get stuck in the blades, the unit is easy to dismantle. The sharpener is available from Classroom Friendly Supplies here.

I'm pleased to say that the design of the pencil sharpener is such that I don't think it needs be tucked away; placed on a shelf it adds a little modern yet old-school charm to the space. I'm in love!

// Classroom Friendly Supplies provided me with the product for this review; I was not monetarily compensated for my opinion.


Jill said...

LOVE your review, Faith! I second your opinion (for anyone who's curious). I also love this sharpener! Been around the block with sharpeners and was so pleased to find this one. They also had free shipping and a 90 day money back guarantee I believe which was what finally sold me as I was skeptical.

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