Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Owls Flying in for Christmas!

I'm sure it's no secret that I love making these owls. It's so much fun to watch their little personalities shine through as I add their face and wings. For the holiday season I've added a Special Edition Bronze Owl Ornament to the shop; he's extra snazzy and full of Christmas cheer.

When my Mom asked for an owl ornament for herself I was inspired to create one based on her living room wall color. My mom, as the matriarch of our family, has certainly continued to make all of her daughters and their families feel as much at home as ever (and my parents bought their house after I was married, so I never even lived there!). This wee owl is called "Little Miss Hospitality" in honor of my sweet Mama.

Just for the holiday season, I've also bundled owls together. You can choose five owls at a discount of 20%! Instant collection for decorating your home; this listing is also perfect for those who wish to give owl ornaments as gifts.

If five is too many, there is also the option for purchasing three at a time (also at a discounted rate). You can mix and match colors, or get all the same. So fun!

Not only are these guys an adorable accent to a bohemian home, they are also a great choice for homes with little ones (or even pets), as they won't break if knocked down.

I even had a little helper during my photo shoot. Note the sweet little fingers pointing out the different owls.

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