Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Newness in the Shop!

My new twisted bow clips seem to be a hit, so I'm going through my felt stash to find strips long enough to layer into sweet bows. When my alligator clip supplies arrive I'll probably add more colors to the shop. In the meantime, two more bow were added over the weekend. Remember that there is generally only one or two available in each color!

Layered bow clip in blueberry.

Also new is this lovely owl in oatmeal and vanilla.

His coloring is so mellow. I'm just loving him! I found some scraps from the lilac tree lying around in the yard, so I snagged a bit to use for a photo prop. When I'm not using it for photos, my own owl hangs out on the twig in my kitchen.

Ps. don't forget that my white and brown owl ornaments are 30% off until 11/28! 

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