Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY Shoe Box Storage.

Storage is my best friend. Really. It seems we've always found ourselves in tight quarters with little or no closet space, and storage solutions are an absolute necessity. One thing I never throw away is a shoe box. There are so many ways to dress them up; why not take advantage of that instead of spending more money on plastic bins? And with three wee ones running around I find myself with new shoe boxes often, as their feet are always growing. 

For my project I gathered a few shoe boxes, a roll of Kraft paper, some washi tape, scissors and scotch tape. You can also add ribbon, lace and fabric to your supplies if you want to get extra fancy!

Wrap both the lid and the main part of the shoe box like you were wrapping a present. If you want it to look extra-special nice go ahead and cover the inside of the box before you wrap the outside.

This time around I accented most of my boxes with washi tape, and I also had the kiddos draw pictures on some of the Kraft paper for me to wrap one of the boxes in.

I use covered shoe boxes to store anything from layering scarves, business supplies, USB cables, television remotes, stickers and pencils, toys and books, to those loose DVDs floating around in paper sleeves. Pretty much anything that needs to be contained.

They also make great gift boxes when prettied up with ribbon or lace. Just the thing to gift a handmade present in.

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neenz said...

I had an idea of converting shoe box to a storage box ..but was looking for the exact way of how to do that..nd this post helped me a lot..thanks for the post