Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun with Math :: Adding to Ten Scaverger Hunt

Math. It can be confusing when you're first learning it, and terribly complicated when you get older. We home school at our house, so finding fun ways to reinforce what the kids are learning is super important! Truth be told, my husband is actually better at this than I am, but I'm learning a thing or two as well.

Yesterday I hastily cut out two of each number from one to nine, and scattered them around our living room and dining room for my six-year-old to find. 

His instructions were to find two numbers that added up to ten. So if he found the number seven, he would have to determine which other number he needed to make ten, and then go and find it. If he came across any other numbers he was to leave them where they were. That way he was also (hopefully) building observation and memory skills so that he would remember where he had seen a particular number when he needed it.

I cut out two of each number for two reasons: one, to make the game last longer, and two, so that he would have to find the numbers for each equation twice (more reinforcing).

To finish, we did some addition on the chalkboard!(Isn't it snazzy? My mom bought that chalkboard when she was home schooling us.)

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