Monday, September 12, 2011

DIY :: Fabric Wrapped Candle Tutorial

Hello, lovelies! Now that there's a bit of a chill in the air in early morning and late evening, it's the perfect time to start burning candles again. We're (still) in the middle of painting and doing some redecorating, and when I put my Yankee candle on the newly hung kitchen shelf it just felt wrong. It needed some sprucing up! So here's what I did:

SUPPLIES: jar candle 
          pinking shears
          glue gun
          cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler - optional

1. Start by cutting the fabric into two strips of different widths that are long enough to cover the jar candle and overlap about an inch on the end.

2. Lay your larger piece of fabric wrong side up, place the candle in the middle, and wrap the fabric around, gluing it in place. Continue to roll the rest of the fabric around the jar and glue the loose end in place.

3. Repeat with the smaller fabric piece.

4. Wrap several lengths of twine around the center of the candle and finish with a bow.

Ta-da! Your candle is now pretty enough to blend seamlessly into your cozy space.

NOTE: the next time I have a candle to wrap, I plan to cut the bottom piece of fabric a wee bit shorter and not have it quite up to the neck of the jar.

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Unknown said...

super great idea, and I'm sure it only takes mintes to make a big difference! :)