Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summertime Wedding Inspiration

My sister is getting married on Saturday. She lives two hours away, and today I'm feeling a little bit sad that I can't be with her to help her put her bouquets together and run errands. Our other two sisters and Mom will be converging from various places on Bethany's home today to assist her with whatever she needs and be her moral support. 

I've been fighting a nasty virus all week to boot. The doctor fixed me up with some good medication yesterday to help kick the double ear infection and cure my laryngitis in no time. You know, so I can talk and stuff.

In an effort to help me feel more involved (and less lonely), I've compiled some inspiration photos from Pinterest that revolve around her wedding style. The photo on the top of this post is of her actual wedding venue, the Duportail House.


Unknown said...

wow, that venue looks absolutely gorgeous!! looks like she's going to have a beautiful wedding! so exciting that it's just a few days away! can't wait to hear about it :)

Sam said...

That's really nice. The venue is definitely great. Thanks for sharing.

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