Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Bedding and Recommendations.

As we are slowly, oh-so-slowly, updating our home with new paint, and re-decorating our walls, there arose the need for some new bedding. We needed at least one new set of sheets to get us through the summer, and we were desperate for a new quilt or bedspread. After searching high and low for a machine washable quilt or comforter (not duvet cover) in coral and yellow florals, I finally decided that this deal on West Elm was just too good to pass up. And let me just say that I'm so pleased with this new quilt! I haven't laundered it yet so I can't say how it will hold up in the wash, but it has a pleasant thickness to it and it's super soft.

Purchasing a new set of sheets was a little bit more complicated. Who knew? I had heard some good things about Target's organic sheets, so I thought I'd give them a go. Holy-scratchy-sheets-batman. Had to take those puppies back to the store! If you're like us and like a soft, smooth sheet, those are NOT for you. I poked around online a bit, and ended up dragging all three of the kiddos out to Bed Bath & Beyond for an hour of roaming the bedding section, touching every sheet they had available over and over and over again. The children did not thank me for that. 

The Papa and I like our sateen sheets. So much so that one set just recently clunked out on us and the fitted sheet ripped at a couple of the corners. (Sheets don't stay on the bed quite as well when there is no elastic.) After some debate, I decided to live dangerously and try sateen weave sheets made from Modal. If you like the crispness of percale weave sheets these sheets are not for you, but boy(!) I think we're really going to love them! They are soft and silky, but not slippery like silk sheets (plus they breathe better than silk too). They require cold water laundering, and need to be dried on low heat; they also come out all wrinkly. I'm just not fussy about that sort of thing, although I may be embarrassed if my wrinkled pillow cases (see top photo) show up on Pinterest or something.

Next up for the bedroom: some sort of a DIY headboard, new curtains, an updated bed skirt, and perhaps a couple of pretty throw pillows!


Joy said...

Everything seems to be coming together quite nicely! Awesome job! I hope you are able to take some cake breaks between all that work!

Kelly said...

I love that quilt - the color is so pretty!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh I love West Elm..and that quilt is so pretty!