Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Introduction: NOMAD

I was recently introduced to Nomad, a new innovative company based out of San Francisco. Since launching Nomad on Kickstarter back 2012, Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn have specialized in designing charging solutions for people on the go, and boast the world's most portable cable.

I dig the sleek minimalist design for sure. With a husband in IT, we'll be checking the product out in more detail soon. If the caribiner look isn't your bag, Nomad also offers a house key style that goes on your keyring, or a slim card that fits right into your wallet.

To celebrate the launch of their new site, complete with updated designs and a new product (NomadClip), Nomad is offering 25% off pre-oders this week with code LIVESIMPLE. Please note that while you will be charged upon order placement, your product won't ship until late Fall. You can also check out their original product on Amazon for immediate shipment and customer reviews.


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