Monday, February 3, 2014

Kid Crafts // Colorful Cereal Necklaces

A mommy friend of mine recently shared this fun craft with me- edible kid necklaces that the kiddos can make themselves! (They remind me of those fun candy necklaces we got as kids.) This is a super easy and non-stressful project. All you need is some yarn, masking tape, and 'o' shaped cereal.

Measure how much yarn you will need by holding it around your child's neck or wrist (be sure to leave a little extra to tie it on). Tape your piece of yarn to a table or flat surface to keep it from moving around; put a piece of masking tape around the other end of the yarn to make it easier for your child to put the cereal onto the yarn.

Feel free to sneak in a little educational time by having your son or daughter make patterns with the colors. Be sure you are on hand to help out by eating any broken pieces of cereal that are no good for jewelry making. (If you're really lucky they may make a bracelet for you too!)

Remind your child not to roll around on the floor while wearing their necklace, as that would produce the same effect as tap dancing on top of a spilled box of Cheerios. Please do not put your child to sleep while wearing edible jewelry, as it may pose a strangulation hazard. 

Have fun making and eating these colorful, wearable works of art!


Iveth Morales said...

Definitely a great idea! always looking for fun things to do with the little one and I bet she'll LOVE this one :D

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