Monday, September 23, 2013

Hand-stitched Felt Peter Pan Collar Tutorial // As Seen in Gathered by Mollie Makes

Here it is again: time for the trees to start dropping their colorful leaves, time for hayrides, and hot apple cider. Happy Autumn! To celebrate my favorite season I thought I'd share a Peter Pan collar tutorial that I created for Gathered by Mollie Makes last year. This collar is best to make with a more durable felt, so something with wool in it is probably best. (Now, wool can be a wee bit itchy at times, so depending on your preference and skin type, you may want to add some cotton fabric to the back for softness.)

A detachable Peter Pan collar is an easy way to add a feminine touch to a simple top or dress. Studded with glass seed beads, this collar is delightfully understated.

You will need: 2 sheets of wool blend felt (9 x 12 inches), or if
               purchasing by the yard, 9 inches

               28 inches of 1/4 inch wide velvet ribbon
               embroidery floss to match felt
               embroidery needle
               11/0 glass seed beads

               clear beading thread

               beading needle


               straight pins


               template (below)

               cotton fabric (optional)

Step 1: cut two pieces of felt with the "A" template, and two pieces of with the "B" template.

Step 2 : Start at the bottom of an "A" piece, and begin to sew on the seed beads using the beading needle and thread. Start by sewing the seed beads close together, and gradually space them farther apart while working up toward the middle of the collar. Repeat with a "B" piece. Use the same number of beads for a uniform look.

Step 3: Place the right (beaded) sides of "A" and "B" together, and stitch across the narrow end with two strand of embroidery floss, leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance (this will be the top of the collar). Repeat with remaining un-beaded "A" and "B" sections (this will be the collar backing).

Step 4: With the wrong side facing up, press the seams flat with an iron to keep them in place. Do this on both the beaded top piece and the backing piece.

Step 5: Pin the top and backing sections of the collar together with the beaded side up, and the pressed seams facing each other.

Step 6: Cut two 14-inch lengths of velvet ribbon. Pin them between the layers of the collar, one on each side of the front opening. (Knot the end of the ribbon ties to prevent fraying and/or heat seal the ribbon.)

Step 7: Stitch around the perimeter of the collar using two strands of embroidery floss. Be sure to secure the ribbon ties well.

NOTE: If you decide to add the optional cotton fabric to the backing portion of the collar you will need to cut it approximately 1/2 inch larger on all sides than the template (cut one "A" piece and one "B" piece). With the wrong side of the cotton facing up, fold over 1/4 inch of fabric on all sides and iron it flat. Sew the collar together with the remaining 1/4 inch of excess cotton fabric folded over the edges of the felt backing pieces, and stitch it so that the raw edges of the cotton are between the layers of felt. 

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