Thursday, May 23, 2013

Capture or Live in the Moment?

Much to my husband's dismay, I pretty much take my camera everywhere with me. We'll be on one of our family explores and I stop for 15 minutes at a time to capture gigantic mushrooms, or miniscule bugs, a pretty flower, or the texture of tree bark. But I am also able to freeze moments like this one in time. My two older kiddos decided to bring their cameras along on this walk, and it was fun to have some partners in crime. (Although stalking skittish animals proved to be a little more challenging with two or three of us vying for position.) It's important for me to remember to take some time to live in the moment, as constantly shooting photos can detract from the pleasure of spontaneity a bit.

Are you a crazy camera person, or do you prefer to tuck experiences away in your memories?


Jill said...

I am purposely cautious to not live life behind my camera, but I also have a terrible memory so I do try to document a lot because I know I will forget it :).

Unknown said...

I am kind of terrible about taking pictures (as in I don't take enough), so I guess I'll go with soaking up the moment :) i'm sure this will become more of a struggle once we have kiddos.

Faith said...

I've been SO BAD at taking pics the last few years- having a good camera helps with that, though it's still tough to capture children in action!

Unknown said...

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