Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walking Down by the Mill.

We're so blessed to have three great walking spots within 15 minutes of us. This past weekend we took advantage of two of them with the gorgeous weather we had! We still needed to layer a little bit, but it was so nice to get some fresh air. The particular path where I took these photos is paved and within walking distance of our house. It runs along a river with an old silk mill at the head, and a major highway rumbling along above at the top of a hill. Kind of an odd spot, I suppose, but we like it!

There is some signage along the way that teaches about the local trees and fish. And if one dares to go through the blue gate and traverse the tunnel that runs under the highway one can access the beautiful city cemetary. (Kind of creepy, right?)

What do you look for in a good walking spot?

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Crystal said...

I prefer a lot of nature, and it's a bonus if there's a river or lake, too. Random garbage cans come in handy, too, since I always take my dog with me.