Thursday, March 28, 2013

Getting Fancy with Her First (Real) Haircut!

My husband calls me a hack, but I've been trimming our kids' hair for forever. Nothing fancy. But lately my 5-year-old's hair was looking stringy all of the time. I knew she needed to go with a shorter hairstyle. That was beyond my minimal hair cutting skills though, so I finally bit the bullet and took her to my hairdresser for a real haircut.

It was such a fun girly outing! When we came home her brother and sister both begged for a turn to go. The shorter cut was just the thing her hair needed too. It has such nice body now (sometimes a little bit too much), and it has happily retained much of its waviness. It's always fun to see what its going to do for the day when she gets up in the morning; so far it has ranged from huge fluff hair, to straight and sleek.


Jill said...

I LOVE this post and your photos and picturing your girlie outing. So sweet! Love these girls :).

Granddad said...

My little Princess

Unknown said...

Awe! She is so cute and she looks SO much like you!! Lucky lady.