Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Lego Clean-Up Solution.

Does your floor look like the above photo? We love Legos over here. Our kids have inherited the Legos from when my husband and I were kids, and of course they are adding their own to the mix! Due to our small space we're still figuring out what type of Lego organization/storage we can squeeze in, and without a building table our floor was becoming a heel-health hazard

One specific issue we were running into was that Legos that were dumped all over the floor took forever to clean up (and of course there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth). In lieu of a building table, I spent some time looking around for a large coffee-table-sized tray that I could slide under the couch when it wasn't in use, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. One afternoon at a friend's house I saw a small boot tray with Legos on one of her tables. That was an aha! moment for me, and, lucky me, I already had a large boot tray at home! 

Since we don't have extensive storage options with bricks sorted by shape and color (we tried this on a small scale for a while and the kids just weren't ready for it), the boot trays work well for being able to see what we have at a glance. And when it's time to clean up I can just dump the whole tray back into our Lego bins while the kids clean up the pieces that escaped onto the carpet. I'm thinking I may need a third tray at this point.

How do you manage the Lego mayhem in your house? 

Find my boot trays here.


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