Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Party Hats

At our house, every year culminates in a New Year's Eve dance party with the kids. This may sound crazy, but I think we have more fun that night than we do any other night of the year! We eat snacks, and wear party hats and glow bracelets; there is a lot of giggling while we dance to the awesome playlist Daddy puts together (lots of Muppets tunes this year); then we all settle in to watch a movie. One slight change this year was that we decided to make our own party hats instead of buying the cheap paper ones that only last for one day.

To make the party hats, I purchased sheets of foam from our local craft store, and downloaded a party hat template from Oh Happy Day. (For reference, you should be able to get 3 party hats out of a 12 inch x 18 inch sheet of foam.) I riffled through my stash of craft supplies for trims, sequins, buttons, and anything else that seemed like it would bring some happy to a party hat. It's just possible though that my husband may have succeeded in bringing a little less happy and a little more weird to his party hat. I guess you could say that he's the life of the party?

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