Sunday, November 4, 2012

Surviving Superstorm Sandy.

It's so nice to be warm in my house, with fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, and the first of the twinkly lights of the season draped over my chalkboard. 

We were so blessed to survive Superstorm Sandy with no damage to our home. The first night we hunkered down in the living room with blankets and pillows; the wind was just too severe to be upstairs with the risk of trees falling on the house. It was nerve-wracking. My dad is out working the storm, and after the hurricane came through there was practically no cell service in a lot of areas, so no one could get in touch with my mom. As the morning went on, it started to get colder and colder, and my husband decided to brave the road conditions to go and bring her to our house. Let me tell you, being able to light the gas stove, and have hot water is a huge blessing during power outages; madly trying to eat through everything in the refrigerator, sipping hot tea while wearing lots of layers, reading by flashlight like a kid in a bed tent.

The kids thought it was great fun to have Nana sleeping over with us for a couple days! It started to get cold in the house really quickly though, so it was like Christmastime had come early when the lights came back on and we were able to run the furnace again! Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of what others are going through is unbelievable and heartbreaking. Forces of nature are not something to be trifled with. It's frightening to see the lines at the gas stations in our city that have been able to open, and to know that there is gas rationing happening in the city where my husband works.

So back to today. I'm so thankful to be inside my warm house with fresh cookies. For those who are in parts of NYC, Staten Island, and New Jersey though, life is particularly difficult right now. A portion of each and every sale made through my shop is donated to causes like this; I was so blessed to be able to make a donation through World Vision on behalf of my wonderful customers. Alternatively, Jenna of Sweet Fine Day posted a list of local organizations that are providing direct assistance to those in affected areas; see that list in this blog post. I pray you and yours are safe, warm, and well fed.`


Unknown said...

So glad you are all safe! Glad the kids were able to have fun with it. So awesome of your hubby.

Unknown said...

Happy to hear you and your family are safe! I keep checking in with all my friends and family that live up north to keep tabs on everyone. My mom and stepdad are still without power in central Jersey - I try and call them every other day at least - I like to think it breaks up their day a little and brings them a bit of happiness :)

Unknown said...

That last post was from me (Sasha)! Sometimes Blogger and I don't get along :P

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