Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Eating // Shrimp Summer Salad

Can you believe I've never lived in a house with central air in my entire life? Mostly I don't mind it. But it definitely means that I have to get creative with preparing meals that don't require the stove to be used often, or the oven to be used ever during stretches of 100 degree weather. This salad is pretty simple; it gets a punch of protein and flavor from shrimp and hard boiled eggs. I didn't add quantities to the list of ingredients: it's easy to make the salad as big or small as you would like.



lettuce of choice, I use simple leaf lettuce
shrimp, fresh or thawed, tails removed
hard boiled egg(s)
sweet red pepper
mozzarella cheese 
croutons (optional)

Just chop everything up and toss it into a bowl! Feel free to leave the shrimp whole. I wanted a creamy dressing, so I drizzled sweet vidalia onion dressing over my portion of the salad. Whatever dressing you choose, I hope you enjoy it!


Charlotte said...

Yum! All my favorite foods!

Lilianajcardoso said...

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By the way, that looks really yummy!