Monday, May 14, 2012

Date Night with the Little Lady.

Here you go: me with my hair pulled up all sloppily into a bun and wearing my glasses. Not super-fancy for sure, but this is real life. Little miss P and I were getting ready to go out for some date time! I'm so glad that I thought to have Sean snap a few photos before we left.

Of all three of our children, little miss P looks the most like her momma. She and I had our first trip to So Fun! Frozen Yogurt, and then headed to our small local mall to pet the puppies and do a little shopping.

Also, I decided to run an "item of the day" special every day this week. Like me on Facebook or follow along on Twitter to keep up with the days' sale item.

cardigan: Gap | tank: Old Navy | jeans: Gap perfect boot | shoes: Aerosoles So Soft | bag: Forestbound | hair clip: this one from the shop though you can't see it in the photos!


Unknown said...

Awe, such sweet photos! I love the idea do date nights with your kiddos. How special for them. Also loving he idea of having an item of the day! You're full of good ideas :)

Unknown said...

Super cute! I love your bag!!!