Thursday, April 19, 2012

Perfect Weather.

Truth be told, I'm a little fussy about sunshine-y weather. I do love a good overcast day. Sunshine makes me feel obligated to run around like a crazy person; and sometimes it gets way too hot. But today was a beautiful exception! The temperature was perfect, and there was a sweet breeze. Perfect. So we took our school work outside (one of the awesome perks of homeschooling!), and spread a blanket under one of the lilac trees. One of the cats even joined us for a bit. He's so good, I don't have to worry about him running off.

After we did a bit of school I started the kids with weeding the garden, but it quickly turned into a hunt for bugs in the soil. Lots of dirt under the fingernails for sure! I was able to sit on the blanket and enjoy my lunch while browsing a magazine. It would have been so easy to fall asleep!

If you want to know what most of my day consists of, take a peek at the girls in the above photo: each one holding on to opposite end of something and pulling. Yep.

The lilacs are in full bloom. They smell SO amazing. I'm always sad when they fade. We're certainly getting to enjoy them much more this year than usual due to this crazy warm weather!

I had to cut a few blooms to bring into the kitchen. The kids and I rounded out the afternoon with a trip to the library, and a stop in at Rita's. Now if only someone would grill me a hamburger.


Chris said...

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Perfect weather is precisely what I blog about. Sounds like you and I have about the same taste in weather, though I don't like overcast at all.

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