Thursday, March 22, 2012

Daffodils in the Garden and New Bows in the Shop.

The daffodils are blooming! Their happy little faces lined up along the garden wall look so lovely. I still don't have the garden entirely cleaned up from Winter, so there are still weeds and bits of trash floating around.

It's a bit odd to be experiencing all of this warm weather before the lilac trees bloom. The other day I actually got confused and became concerned that the lilacs had died since they hadn't bloomed before the 70 degree weather hit. Then I remembered that it's only March. They're covered in budding greenery now though, so as is well.

This year Spring meant that I needed a new pair of slip-ons. I decided to go with those beauties above from Aerosoles. Providentially, one of our local department stores had them on a great sale. I totally lucked out!

And if an awesome sale on the shoes one wants just when one wants them isn't sweet enough, look at that face! Of our three children Little Miss P looks the most like her mama.

Don't forget to stop by the shop and take a look at the new line of bow fascinator clips! For now they're available in Peony, Silver/Gold, Marigold, Sea, Raspberry, and White.

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