Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Improved Packaging.

I'm pretty sure that my quest to better my shop packaging is going to be the sort that goes on into eternity. Last year when I had this stamp made, I began to attach my goods to manilla tags for shipment, doing away with the hand cut-card stock that I had been using. Big improvement. A few months later I added glassine bags to the mix, doing away with the tissue paper wrapping.  Not only does this look suit me better, but it actually streamlines the process and allows me to package orders more quickly.

At Christmas my packaging was looking like this, with a manilla tag taped across the front. Thanks to the addition of washi tape I was getting there, but the current state of packaging still felt lacking. In the past couple of weeks, I started to cut my own kraft paper sleeves to wrap around the glassine bags, and I'm liking it so much better! It feels more professional to me.

This is now the look of my bare bones packaging. All items are still attached to manilla tags, and then slipped into the bags. The bags are sealed with washi tape, as is the sleeve.

Orders shipped in boxes will also include a sweet mini clothespin that has been lovingly covered in washi tape on both sides. This element is a little more time consuming than I had expected, but I think I've got it down now and I love the accent. Plus I'm pleased that it is a part of the packaging that the customer can keep and reuse.

Next up, I'm working on a new design for my business cards that is more fitting with the new look of my blog. I also plan on going back to full size business cards. Also on the agenda for this year is getting a new stamp made that's more clean and likely text only.

Thanks for taking a peek!


Kate said...

I love the upgrade on your packaging! The washi tape clothes pin is am extra nice touch :)

ElleSee said...

It looks fantastic!

Unknown said...

love all the details little details! that is the best kind o packaging. I really like the addition of the mini clothespins. they are so dang cute and I would be excited to find my own use for it.

Cat said...

Love your new packaging ... how fun! It looks like it has such wonderful layers ... the recipients of your sweet handmade goodness will sure be in for a treat!!!! Hooray! xx Cat

Unknown said...

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