Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fairytale Owl Set. Little Red Riding Hood + the Wolf.

I've been dreaming on this set for a little while, letting it stew in my head, and then fighting with the capelet to get it just right. But they're finally here! Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf are now available as a set in my shop.

Little Red's capelet features a baker's twine closure, and has a sweet heart subtly stitched on the back. The capelet is easily removable to reveal her sweet pale pink and red "dress".

The "wolf" owl is all done up in two shades of gray. He mask ties on with baker's twine, and can be taken off to reveal his sweet and friendly owl face underneath.

A lot of love was poured into making this fairytale duo, and I hope they bring lots of smiles and spark the imagination!


Unknown said...

So stinking adorable! Love all the little details.

Leigh-Ellen said...

I love these! Adorable. So love fairytales in general.