Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Driftwood Photo Hanger Tutorial.

Back in October our family went on a weekend trip to Maryland. While there we spent an afternoon on Assateague Island looking for ponies and scouring the beach. We found this pretty piece of driftwood, and brought it home with us. I thought it would make a lovely photo hanger, and, by George, I think I was right about that.

SUPPLIES.       piece of driftwood (or even a sturdy stick) 
             screw eyes
             mini clothespins
             cotton twine or yarn

Determine how many photos the piece of driftwood can display. My piece of driftwood is 18 inches long, and could nicely showcase 5 photos. I placed 5 screw eyes along the underneath at 3 1/2 inch intervals so the photos would overlap slightly, leaving about 1 1/2 inches on either end. Driftwood is pretty soft, so I was able to twist the screw eyes in by hand rather easily. (If using a stick you may find that the holes need to be pre-drilled before putting the screw eyes in.)

Put a screw eye through the top on either end of the driftwood. Be sure not to place them too close to the end to avoid splintering. To create the hanger, attach cotton twine or yarn to the screw eyes, keeping the twine relatively taut when you attach it. Knot it well.

Tie a loop of sewing thread through the coil of each clothespin, and slip the loops onto the screw eyes. Now the driftwood is ready to showcase photos!

Don't stop at photos though, this display also works well with artwork, postcards, or even accessories.

I'm really pleased with the way my driftwood photo hanger turned out! It looks so extra sweet with photos from my sister's summer wedding, don't you think? The clothespins make changing out photos and artwork a snap too.


Bethany Tran said...

love, love, LOVE! i might have to steal your idea! once i have 2 minutes to rub together, i have a few ideas of fun stuff to do with all the stick in my backyard (and side yard, front yard, down the street.. you get the point).

Unknown said...

LOVE this idea faith! i feel like urban outfitters would sell. you are so creative!

Unknown said...

FAITH! I LOVE this!!! I just texted my mom to see if she'll give me a piece of her collection since I live in the desert & all. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love it! We have lots of driftwood around; and I've been looking to do something with it. Will have to give this a try!

heather said...

my kids found a cow bone in the woods about 9 inches long i think im going to take this idea and make a key holder out of it and hang it by the back door

test said...

love it, great idea!

Silvina Soave said...

Muy buena idea! Me encanta! felicitaciones por el blog! Saludos desde Argentina!

andieclark said...

This is a very nice and practical alternative for picture hangers. What's more fun here is that you can also display numerous photos in one hanger.

Unknown said...

I was wondering where I could find a piece of wood that looks like that.

Faith said...

Hi Deanne, this is a piece of driftwood that I picked up on the beach. It may be a challenge to find one just like it, but any solid piece of driftwood you find should do the trick!

15 Mikes Out said...

Great idea :-)