Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Line Launch Today!

You may have heard me lament over my lack of drawing skills in the past. It can be really, really difficult for me to take an idea from visualization to reality because it often gets lost in the pattern-drawing stage. I was recently getting really frustrated trying to draw some new animals; this time, however, I decided to work with my weakness and approach my problem from a new angle. Instead of trying to draw the entire animal, why not get a good face template and create a mask for my owls? I think these new little guys are whimsical and lots of fun!

The raccoon costumed owl features a sweet tie-on raccoon mask with a couple coordinating feathers thrown in.

The foxy owl has white-tipped wings to match his bushy white facial fur.

The third owl sports a fawn mask, and has three wee little fawn spots on her back.

All of the masks tie on with red and white baker's twine, and can be removed if you want to change things up and just leave the owls out for a bit. I had a lot of fun developing these three masked owls, and I hope to add more masks over time. All three owls are available in my shop; thanks for taking a peek!


Unknown said...

I LOVE these Faith! They are DARLING!

Lara said...

Genius... the hallmark of a true artist. Love them.