Friday, December 16, 2011

Giving Back.


It's just about time for me to make my end-of-year donation to World Vision! 10% of each and every sale I make in the shop 365 days a year goes to this organization; they provide all kinds of services and meet tons of needs for those living in poverty around the world. Last year, I chose to make my donation in the form of buying farm animals and fruit trees to give families in Africa and Asia a means to provide income or food for their families. So far this year I've also given money for disaster relief in Japan and Alabama. Farm animals are just one potential gift: World Vision also provides help to sexually exploited girls, offers impoverished women business loans, and digs wells to provide clean water, among other things. I'm excited to peruse my Wold Vision gifts catalog again, and make my final decisions as to where I want my monetary gift to go!

Thanks so much to all of my customers for making this possible!


Melissa said...

first time on your it!!
i was looking for a peppermint bark recipe...thanks.

congrats on getting in white magazine.

i will definitely be back!

Faith said...

Hi Melissa! So glad you found me! I look forward to seeing you around.