Monday, October 10, 2011

Crafting with the Kids :: Paper Leaf Garland Tutorial.

The leaves are just starting to turn colors here, and when outside there are a few leaves here and there that can be picked up. So exciting! As our arts + crafts project last week for our home school, the kids and I made a fun paper leaf garland. This exercise is also a great way for young children to learn about and identify the different trees that all of the leaves come from.

SUPPLIES.   variety of fallen leaves        
                     card stock
            cotton twine or yarn
            sewing needle
            plastic yarn needle (not pictured)
            colored pencils

Start by tracing the shape of your leaves onto card stock. Trace as many as you like! Cut them out. If your child is old enough, you can have them help you.

Let the kiddos color them! I added quick vein lines with the pencil.

Score each leaf along the center using a ruler. This adds just a bit of dimension to the leaf as opposed to leaving it flat.

Using the needle, poke holes about one inch apart down the center of the leaf.

Thread the yarn needle with the twine or yarn and "sew" the leaves together using the pre-punched holes. (My kids had a blast doing this part! Even the two-year-old baby got in on it.)

Find a fun place to hang your new creation!

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