Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Nook.

We finally managed to put our book ledges together and get them up on the wall! And by we, I mean my husband. I needed some more space on our regular book shelves for school supplies for the kids, and since we also use the bookshelves for toy storage we decided to move some of their books onto ledges.

There was this odd bit of wall space between the grandfather clock and the steps in the dining room (really it's more of a school room at this point), and I adore the idea of books under the stairs. We can't build bookshelves into the steps because the stairs to the basement run under there. But this is the next best thing! I want to add a comfy pillow to the floor as well.

I found this metal wire basket in our yard right after we bought the house four years ago. It's been sitting in the basement ever since. I spray painted it gray, and I think it is perfect for our book nook!

One of the great things about the ledges is that it is much easier for the kids to see what books are there. I want to paint them white eventually, but we're still painting our living room and kitchen, and I don't think I can take any more painting projects right now!

There is a window to the left by the stairs, so the kids also like to sit there and look out the window while reading. I'm so glad our kids love books! The ledges are packed two to three books deep, plus there are still plenty more books on the big bookshelves, not to mention the books in their rooms. Yup. We love books, and book nooks, in this book house.


Gingiber said...

LOVE IT! Great job :)

Petals said...

What a great idea. Love!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love your shelves! Did you buy them or make them? If you made them, do you know the measurements of the wood pieces? In the process of creating one for the kids' room and these would be perfect!

Faith said...

Thanks! We cut the wood to fit our space. You can take a look at a similar DIY book ledge here: