Friday, September 30, 2011

In the Fridge :: Tropical Pepper Co. Hot Sauce

I love food. Since we started having children six years ago, Sean and I don't get out to nice restaurants. More so than the children, I think that has to do with the fact that I'd rather buy something for the house, than spend $100 on dinner. However, there are some creature comforts that I must have in the fridge or on the pantry shelf because they give me that warm and fuzzy feeling I can only get from good food. Largely that feeling is elicited by an extra sharp cheddar, or a buttery smooth variety of yummy, cheesy goodness, but there is one hot sauce in particular that I must have on hand at all times.

Tropical Pepper Co.'s xxxxtra hot habenero pepper sauce has that sharpness to it that marks a good hot sauce, but it also contains delicious fruit notes courtesy of juicy pineapples. I suppose it's a bit on the hot side, but it's not so hot that the flavor is lost. On the contrary, it's full of flavor!

What's your favorite hot sauce?

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Anonymous said...

Tabasco mild jalapeno sauce. I love it on just about anything, but especially eggs!