Friday, August 26, 2011

At Home with Pinterest.

I've never been quite sure what "my style" is. It felt it was odd that I couldn't categorize myself that way. Not when it came to fashion; nor when it came to decorating styles. It wasn't unusual for me to stand in front of a dressing room mirror and be unsure whether I liked an article of clothing or not. Unless, of course, it didn't fit me properly. By letting my creative tendencies run a little wild, I've been able to glean a lot about myself. Running a creative business has opened me up to so many resources! The best of them being me: having the confidence in my ability to make good design choices. Through utilizing tools like Pinterest, I've begun to really get a sense of what it is that I like when it comes to living spaces.

No source. Let me know if you know of it.

No source. Let me know if you know of it.

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