Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Fridge :: Cheese!

I'm a food lover. With three wee ones running about we don't get much time to go out and sample truly excellent food. I also find it extra difficult to drop big bucks on a gourmet meal when there are projects that I want to do around the house, like paint or purchase a new bedspread. But every once in a while we buy ourselves a special treat. This special treat usually comes in the form of cheese. (Hooray for cheese!) I don't really go for a whole lot of soft or stinky cheeses: what I really love is a good cheddar! Great was my happiness when my husband came home from Sam's Club (of all places) with a very reasonably priced two pound brick of Dubliner Cheddar. So tasty. I think I'll go have some now.


Unknown said...

YUM! i am a huuuge cheese lover myself, i can't imagine life without it! that looks a lot like the cheddar i'd have all the time when i studied in london. enjoy! :)

susane said...

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