Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Heart Hooks.

I think I'm in love with 3M hooks. They're so versatile, and I just discovered today that they come in faux nickel finishes and even in metal! Score! Now I can use them everywhere and don't have to worry about them looking tacky. They are so much easier to move around, as opposed to nails- no filling holes and repainting. I purchased a couple of plain white ones today for hanging the girls' tutus on their bedroom wall. The purple one belongs to my nineteen-month-old. She hardly wears hers. My three-year-old, however, wears hers often. Or should I say, she puts it on and rolls around the floor in it. While I'm tickled pink that she loves it so much, I think that the next time I endeavor to make a tutu, I won't be so careful and meticulous in its construction. It may be mangled, but at least it is staying together!

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