Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ice Cream Cake Goodness.

In my family we have one birthday tradition: my poor mother slaves away in the kitchen to create the birthday dinner of our choosing. I say "slaves away," but really I know that she likes to do it even though it is a lot of work. I have three sisters, one of whom is married, and another who is engaged to be married this summer, so now my mom has three son-in-law types to cook for as well. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if they had the decency to spread their birthdays out, but all three of them were birthed in February. I used to be the only February birthday in the family. Not so much anymore! My husband and I share a birthday, so that helps a little. Unless, of course, we can't agree on the main course. Then there is much gnashing of teeth and stabbing with forks.

Ever since I was small, I've dreamed of having an ice cream cake for my birthday. There wasn't a lot of money to spare in my growing-up years, so I never had the heart to ask for one because I knew they could be very pricey. It never occurred to me that ice cream cakes are generally simple enough to make, so when I mentioned my ice cream cake wish to my mom she was more than happy to fulfill it for me. She loves me.

It turns out that there are an infinite number of ways to create an ice cream cake. Who knew?! And while none of these were used to create my 30th birthday ice cream cake, I've collected a couple of recipes for you to try.

oreo & fudge ice cream cake

This recipe is brought to you by the fine folks at Kraft. Super easy to prepare with only five ingredients, this cake features ice cream sandwiches so it can be assembled in one sitting without having to stop and chill it in the middle of production.

There isn't much that comes out of the Martha Stewart empire that isn't pretty amazing, and this cake seems sure to please. I mean, Tiramisu? Yes, please! The obvious choice for a coffee lover, or connoisseur of fancy desserts. I want to have a go at this one myself.

triple chocolate ice cream cake

Love chocolate? Like pound cake? Then this recipe via Rachael Ray is just right for you! The detailed how-to photos should make this cake a snap.  


Stephanie Hillberry said...

my FAVORITE dessert of all time is a mocha toffee ice cream pie. It has a macaroon cookie crust, a layer of chocolate ice cream, a drizzled layer of hot fudge, a layer of coffee ice cream, another layer of drizzled fudge, and crushed heath bars on top. In a word, it is Divine. Here's a recent pic of it taken on my birthday a couple weeks ago! at http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephaniehillberry/5432712654/

Faith said...

That looks AH-MAZING! Thanks so much for sharing!