Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creative Solutions for Organzied Bookshelves.

Living in a small house, it seems to become necessary to rearrange some part of our living space yearly. Especially considering that when we bought our house we only had one child, and now we are blessed with three. It is definitely a challenge, and I try to approach it with an open mind to see if I can come up with any creative solutions.

We recently found ourselves in need of a matching bookshelf for the one already in the nursery. Considering the fact that in the summer the nursery will need to be converted into our son's room, we thought it would be foolish to put another shelf in there as it will need to be moved in a few short months. After much thought it was determined that the only other place in the house that would accommodate two bookshelves was the living room. This required downsizing to a smaller speaker system (which I was more than happy to do- the old system had two big speakers), and disposing of a older sound system that was no longer working properly.

My biggest fear was (and still remains) being able to keep the shelves clear of clutter, and the toys and books arranged in a somewhat pleasing manner. About six of these cloth boxes by ClosetMaid are helping us to conceal toys, games, and puzzles, and I gathered a couple of other odds and ends from around the house to hold smaller items. I also put some Kraft paper to use by wrapping an old shoe box to store some of our school supplies.

I'm still brainstorming ways to make our shelving units more attractive and functional. I would love to hear your awesome space saving and organizational solutions!

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Unknown said...

that's such a great idea! we live in a small house too and once we have kids i know it's definitely going to be a challenge finding a place for everything!