Friday, December 31, 2010

Trying New Things and Having Fun!

The last two months or so have found me itching to try and make some new-to-me things. I had fun stitching up some lumpy pumpkins, and was pleased as punch with the way my first ever yarn wreath turned out! There's nothing like success to keep one pushing on.

My daughter recently danced her way into the ballerina stage, so for Christmas I took the plunge into making a tutu. I fear that I won't get a fancy-schmancy picture with her sitting in her tutu surrounded by roses or anything because she wouldn't take it off for three days straight and now it's a wee bit mangled (although still in surprisingly excellent shape). I would say the tutu is a big hit.

Since being gifted a hand-me-down ipod a few years back, the hubs has been walking around with a faded pale pink silicone cover. It suddenly occurred to me this year that, "Hey! I can make that!" And while it's not perfect and has some very minor design flaws, he loves it. (For all of you non-nerds out there, I'm told that this creature hails from Dragon Quest.)

We've been married for 8 years now, and I've always wanted a set of drink coasters. I would look now and again, but I never fell in love with anything. Well, I'm in love now and I can't believe I didn't find time to make these before; because, as you know, I've got a ton of spare time (that's a joke). Merry Christmas to me! I'm so pleased with the coasters that I'm toying with adding them to the shop. What do you think?

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Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

Great projects, thanks for showing a sneak peak! Love the coasters and iPod case. I kinda though it was Hershey's kiss at first :)
Happy New Year!