Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shop Feature - MichelleBrusegaard

So, it's Fall (hooray!) and I don't have a soft and cozy jersey scarf. I'm pretty sure that I need one to help me get snuggly through the cold weather ahead. While combing Etsy to see what I could see, I came across the shop of MichelleBrusegaard.

 When I first entered her shop I was dead-set on the onion print, but now I'm getting more and more attached to the partridge print and the feather print. *sigh* 

If scarves aren't your thing, she also carries all sorts of stationery (I always want to spell that word with an "a"), linens, and other odds and ends. Another favorite are these sweet Red Poppies Sticky Notes. My mom (like myself) is a big note person, and she is forever leaving sticky notes about the kitchen; I think these are worlds better than the typical yellow pads, and shall have to add some to my order when I can finally decide on a scarf print. 

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KristiMcMurry said...

What a great shop! The feathers are my favorite. Don't feel bad, I always want to spell stationery with an a too :) In fact, I probably do most of the time...