Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look Who's 1!

My sweet littlest munchkin is a whole year old today! Boy, does the time just whiz by. 

 Her birth was definitely exciting, that's for sure. (I chronicle it in four parts hereherehere, and here.)

She certainly keeps me on my toes. Of all of my children, she is the one who likes to throw toys, dishes, and paper in the garbage at random; any clothes she finds in the bathroom go into the bathtub or toilet; and she is under the misconception that the litter box is some sort of indoor sand box for playing in. I'm learning how to keep my eyes moist without having to blink.

We celebrated her birthday last weekend with a bumblebee cake made from scratch by Daddy. Her birthday falls only five days before her big brother's, so last year Daddy made the cake to celebrate her brother's birthday because Mommy didn't really feel up to it after just giving birth. 

Daddy found that he actually enjoys the creative aspect of it and has now made a cake for each of the kids this past year.

The poor baby had a cold the day of her party though (and a pretty impressive looking bruise), and declined any efforts to feed her some cake.

Happy Birthday my sweet one! I can't imagine my life without you!


Stephanie Hillberry said...

She's a doll! Life is such a wonder and blessing:)

Blair McLeod said...

happy birthday!!!! what a cute cake!!

Granddad said...

I want to squeeeeeze her cheeks!!!