Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday is for Hiking!

We spent some time this 
afternoon doing one of our favorite things: exploring in a state park near our home. 
 There are always lots of bugs and interesting creatures to be found, plenty of dogs to say "hello" to and even the occasional horse and rider to admire. 
 Today we met a family who had been hunting for crawfish, and they let us take a peek into their bucket.  None of us had ever seen a crawfish before, so it was pretty exciting! They were feisty little guys! 
 We saw at least a dozen different butterflies, and my husband introduced himself to a funny little caterpillar. 

 And to end our lovely ambling adventure our kiddos provided some entertainment on the wooden stage built near the park's entrance.
Hope your Sunday was spectacular!


Sylvia-Louise said...

You have an adorable little family!

the rikrak studio said...

these are so precious, nicey!
and that sweet caterpiller = love it!

thanks for being part of the summertime photo blog hop!